Who Is Running Turkey?

The Donmeh (the secret Jews of Turkey) movement is an important phenomenon which occurred during the late centuries of the Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, this important phenomenon of the Ottoman history is never taught in Turkish schools, and never allowed to be mentioned in media. Never ever... Not even a single word! One may wonder why this important part of Ottoman history is never mentioned in Turkish classrooms while Turkish children have to learn and memorize lots of unnecessary details about Ottoman history and, in particular, recent Turkish history, and even details about the pre-Turkish civilizations that existed in Anatolia.

Why is the Donmeh (doenmeh derives from the Turkish word 'donme') movement unworthy to teach Turkish school children? Why is it simply ignored?

The answer is obvious: The Donmehs took over the Ottoman Empire, disintegrated it, and then established a new regime called Turkish Republic. The leader of the new regime, Mustafa Kemal, was an ardent Donmeh (secret Jew). In order to conceal his Donmeh identity, he even adopted the last name of "Ataturk", which means "Father of Turks". And Turkey is still ruled and governed by these secret Jews today. As long as they are in power, Turkish school children will never get a chance to learn this important phenomenon, the Donmeh movement, which played an important role during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and during the establishment of the new regime.

The Turks can learn their true history and the role the Donmehs played in their history only from the books written by Westerners in English, especially from the books written by Jews. What a tragedy!

So who are Donmehs? What did they do? What is the difference between a Donmeh (secret Jew) and a typical Jew? Who were the "Young Turks", most of which consisted of the Donmehs, Freemasons and the agents of the western powers and the Zionist Jews. If you want to learn about these topics, please keep reading the posts on this web site.

What Happened To Muslim Turkey?

What happened to Turkey today, a country which was, not so long but until 80 years ago, the khalifa and the leader of the Muslim World (Ummah), but now being one of the most suppressor against Islam. No one can understand how the regime in Turkey changed so much unless they thoroughly know what happened in the recent times, how and by whom the new regime called "Secular republic of Turkey" was founded. Who can dare to desecrate Islam, ban the Muslim dress code hijab which is a must for Muslim woman? Who are these people who glorify an enemy of Allah - Jewish kafir Mustafa Kemal, who was a stern dictator, Freemason and a British agent? Who is brainwashing the Muslims with made-up historical tales, with western ideas, and many other nonsense things that doesn't have their place in Islamic teachings? Who is forcing the Muslims of Turkey to give up their Islamic traditions and adopt western style of living and thoughts?.. Who is forcing the Muslims of Turkey to believe that the Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal was a hero; who makes them to adore him and follow everything that is done under his name? Who are punishing the Muslims of Turkey severely whoever dislikes and criticizes the Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal and the so-called "secular regime"?.. The oppression on Muslims in Turkey since the establishment of the secular regime is a Jewish style of oppression because these are none but "Secret Jews"...

No one can really understand what (and why) is going on today in Turkey unless they get to know a secret Jewish sect called Donmeh, who were the descendants of those Jews that were expelled from Spain in the 16th century and given shelter by the Ottoman Sultans. Some of those Jews followed the 17th century Jewish false messiah "Sabbatai Zwi" and became "Sabbatean Jews", in other words "Donmeh". One of the rituals these Jews observed was outwardly pretending to be Muslim (and then after 1923 only Turkish), but inwardly believing in Jewish faith and following Sabbatai Zwi as their messiah. Even though they still live with hypocrisy today, with the recent researches it's believed that there are about 1 to 1.5 million Donmeh (Sabbatean Jews) today in Turkey, mainly living in Turkey's western cities like Istanbul and Izmir. It's also known that many Donmeh immigrated to Israel after its establishment in 1948. Note that, the so-called "Secular republic of Turkey" was one of the first states in the world who recognized the Zionist Israel. It's not hard to understand how this happened; the answer is simple.. The Jews founded two states: Zionist Israel and Jewish Republic of Turkey. That is why the so-called secular republic has very close ties with the Zionist Israel, and makes many trade, military, and political relations. That is, the taxes paid by Muslims of Turkey goes to Zionist Israel. These secret Jews (Donmeh) are still running Turkey like a reserve state of Israel today.