The Biggest Crisis in the History of the so-called Secular Republic of Turkey

Wednesday, the 28th of February 2001, was called black Wednesday, due to violent economic eruptions. The robberies, thefts and instability created sudden economic and market break down. This made the already weak Turkish Lira drop its value by 25 to 30 percent (which resulted in the unemployment of 100,000 workers and thousands of journalists). The consequence of this violent shaking is becoming more and more serious. Turkey is now drowning in darkness.

A look back at Turkey's recent history finds that it has never had a moment of light. Its history is full of grief, sorrow, scandals and crises.

It is known that the 10,000 murders classified as unsolved are committed by the state. After the earthquake the state revealed its true face to the public. It was a state careless about the fact that thousands of people were lying beneath rubble. A state without mercy, both oppressive, and harmful towards its population. A state slow to deal with a natural disaster but yet quick to arrest and persecute Islamic activists during the same period.

The state considers it vital to implement the 28th February legislation's (passed in 1997). Legislation is directed towards Muslims and Islam. It is through such legislation Muslims are persecuted and interrogated. Legislation that declared war on Muslims via the Khimar(islamic dress), Quranic schools, prayer and other Islamic practices. This crafty and merciless battle against Islam and the Muslims is being waged through the states institutions and other contraptions of the State. The murders and conspiracies, which have occurred under the name Hizbollah are all lies, their purpose is to distort Islam and to cast fear into the hearts of the population and keep them in an iron grip.

All these conspiracies and events remain clear in the population's mind and the effects of fear and horror are still felt.

What is of the economic situation of the population?

The majority of the population are poor and starved. Families work most of the day but barely earn enough money to feed themselves.

Human beings are turned into slaves and robots, fighting each other to survive. The saying: One man's dead is the other man's bread is a ruling principle amongst the population.

These are dark times. Never has it been seen in Turkey's history that Satanism, whorehouses, and bars where so great in number. Fatimas, Aishas and Muslims women are being brought up in a Western environment, which in fact is a prostitute environment.

The suicide statistics are increasing. Are there any countries whose alcohol and drug situation is worse than Turkeys, perhaps very few.

In Turkey there is one library for every 65,000 persons. For every 7 people there is one book. There are approximately 10,000,000 books in the 1226 libraries. On the other hand in Sweden there is 45,000,000 books in only 12 libraries. 61% of the youth do not read books at all. Out of 10,000 peoples only 8 read books. 12% of the Turkish population are illiterate. 43% has 5 years of schooling. 13% has 8 years of schooling. 20% has 10 years of schooling. 7% has a university degree (5% unknown).

These percentages are not a result of economic scarcity; no these are the result of backwardness and the standard of values. The democratic culture has possessed the minds of the populations and made them worship wealth and material goods.

Turkey has established brotherhood and friendly relationships with the Jews. The same Jews known throughout history as the most treacherous and cowardly people. The Jews who recently in a picture portrayed the prophet Muhammad (saws) as a pig and then distributed this picture publicly. The Jews who murdered prophets. The Jews whom our Lord describes in the Qur'an:

Amongst those who have the most enmity and hatred towards the Muslims you will find the Jews and the idol worshippers.

Although the Turkish rulers are deeply affected by the western culture, Turkey's love for Europe is not mutual. Do they (the European Parliament) not pass laws and decisions that acknowledge a massacre upon the Armenian population? Do they not keep Turkey out of the Europe's common military? Do they not try to rip Cyprus out of the hands of Turkey? Do they not give Turkey a slap in the face one after the other? Don't they always say that until Turkey is Christian we cannot accept you into the EU? Even after all this the losers continue to insist on being part of Europe. The treacheries are great and words cannot describe the complete picture that reflects Turkey's real circumstances.

O you with common sense among the soldiers, thinkers, politicians and business people.

When you established this republic you talked of achieving the same level as the modern western civilisation. This was one of the main philosophies behind the establishment of the republic. A modern civilisation in which ugly naked pictures are used to manipulate people. The pursuit of a modern civilisation with an irreligious generation and no mosques, leading instead to Satanists and their evils. With whorehouses and cafe shops spreading evil instead of pure mosques and libraries. Are you satisfied with what has been achieved?

You almost worship the Western civilisation and their culture. A culture where an overwhelming part of American and English children are illegitimate. Where an overwhelming part of their women have been raped and where many of them have been sexually abused as children, even by their own parents. This Western civilisation, which you love in this superficial way, is plotting and planning against you night and day. This Western civilisation hates and despises you only because you call yourselves Muslims. Whilst your forefathers like Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz were under the Islamic Khilafah. The very same Islam and Khilafah which you consider hostile and a path to darkness, but which in reality are the real reasons for your and your forefather's strength.

You are sending millions of Turks as slave labour to Europe to clean their toilets at a cheap price, whilst your forefathers went to Europe with the Islamic Khilafah as a leading force - examples of leaders and rulers that spread justice, true guidance and light.

Did Ecevit not take a 500 hundred-year-old document to Clinton in October 1999. Found in a church, kept protected respectfully by priests and Christians this document outlined the justice of the Khilafah without prejudice.

Whilst the Europeans divided the Muslims into small cartoon states through treacheries like the Lausanne treaty, they attempt to unite themselves in every aspect. Yet you are fanatic about keeping the artificial borders that the Europeans created with their pens. Now these western parliaments conspire to divide Turkey into even smaller parts e.g. more Kurdish areas.

You are about to transfer your destiny to the colonialist and hostile USA, even though it struggles to establish a pro American Kurdish state in North Iraq and for which it has designed a role for you where you serve their interests in the Middle East, the Balkans and in Central Asia.

It has been 77 years since you abandoned the Islamic model of education, but which scientist, expert, thinker, politician or statesman have you produced, that has not been educated in the USA, England, France or Germany or graduated from the American and French universities. If you deny this then why are you calling those like Kemal Dervis home from USA.

You have in fact regressed with your secularised democratic and western project. You are bankrupt and have forced the population to sink with your ship. You have created this dark hole and exposed the population to identity crises and depression. You have not delivered anything but misery and you have done all this in the name of the modern civilisation and at the expense of yourselves, your people's history, deen, personality and culture. You have even alienated them from these ideals by the use of the fire and the iron hand. This is why the word of The Creator of the worlds is a reality for you. Allah says (the meaning being): Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they change what is in themselves.

And Allah says, (the meaning being):
"Those who turn their back to the merciful injunction will have a miserable life and we will on Judgement day revive them as blind. Then they will say oh my Master, I was not blind why did you revive me as blind, then Allah will say: My injunction came to you but you ignored it that is why I have revived you as blind."

And words of wisdom from a true statesman; Omar bin Khattab when he said: We were a degraded people and Allah gave us power by Islam. Allah will give misery to the one who seeks honour and power by other than Islam.

Oh Muslims the Messenger of Allah says to you, (the meaning being): "You should know that the wheel of Iman will spin forever. So spin with this wheel in accordance with Allah's book no matter where it spins. You shall know that the state and the book will be separated from each other, but look out, You may never be separated from the book. You should know that you will get rulers that lead you to kufr if you obey them, but if you do not obey them and are rebellious towards them then they will kill you." Then one of those present asked: "Oh The Messenger of Allah what shall we do?" The Messenger of Allah (saw) answered: "Do as Isa's Ummah did. They threw them into flames of fire and mutilated them with saws, but even then they did not compromise with their Deen. It is better to die in the condition where you are obedient towards Allah than to live in a condition where you are disobedient." (Ibn Hacer, al-Metalibul-Aliye 4/267; Haithemi, Mecmauz-zevaid 5/228)

Indeed The Book was separated from the state 77 years ago. But O Muslims what have you done? And what are you doing today?

O Muslims!

Isn't it you who are left to famine and thirst? Is it not you who are oppressed and treated unjustly? Is it not you who say: This is our state, whilst experiencing fraud, injustice, misery and living in a state of no hope?

Was it for this that liberation battles were fought, wherein the pure blood of the martyrs was shed? Was it for this dark and miserable state of condition our Sahaba and our Master Muhammad (saws) fought and struggled against? Do we not have a promise from Allah? Did our Prophet (saws) not say, (the meaning being): Do not under any circumstances let yourself be separated from The Book?

Where are you heading? How long will you be like sheep that bend your heads to suppression, kufr and misery? When will you be like Seyh Samil the one who said: Rather a beautiful and honourable death than a dammed and miserable death? Or like Hamza who once said: I do not fear that which my eye sees, I fear that which my eye cannot see (Allah). And Salahuddin who said: May it become haram for me to smile and be happy as long as al-Quds is occupied. Or Omar who said: We were a miserable people, Allah honoured us with Islam. Anyone who turns his back on Islam Allah will give him misery. Or Fatih who said to a roman ruler: If you keep on degrading us then I will turn your land into a stable for my horses. Or Mutasim who sent a letter to a kafir ruler stating: To the dog of the Romans from the Khalif of the Muslims. If you do not release our sister, I will send such an army that will begin at you and end at me.

That is how Islam and Khilafah gave you honour, pride and status. You where the gentlemen of the world. It was Islam and the Khilafah that brought you into the light and onto the world arena whereas democracy, capitalism and the western culture has brought you to a burning abyss in which you have fallen and become buried in darkness. Wake up from the misery and hopeless condition which democracy, capitalism and the western culture have given you - and stand and shake it off you. Release yourselves from the chains of the western culture which has tied you minds. Then bury this secular state into the earth and liberate yourselves from the jahil death mentioned by Allah's Messenger (the meaning being): "The one who dies without giving baya to the Khaleefah, will die the death of jahilliyah". And this demands the presence of the Khilafah whereby it becomes fard upon you to re-establish the Khilafah.

Oh Ulama!
O those who have knowledge in Islam, and those who have memorised the Quran!

The Messenger of Allah says to you (the meaning being): If two groups in my Ummah are good then my Ummah will be good, if they are corrupt then my Ummah will be corrupt. And these two groups are the ulama and the rulers.

Allah (swt) also says (the meaning being): "Those who hide the Book which Allah has sent down and exchange it for a small amount of money, that which they are filling their belly with is nothing but fire. Allah will on the day of Judgement neither talk to them nor will He declare them as innocent". (TMQ Baqarah: 174)

Furthermore The Messenger of Allah says (the meaning being): "That which I fear most for my Ummah's peace is those who are known as alims, but who in fact are hypocrites".

Because of the dark state of our Ummah's condition, you are much more responsible and sinful. You are to blame for the abyss filled with fire that this ummah has fallen in. You have not fulfilled your responsibility and you continue not to do so. You do not roar as lions for the truth. You do not inform people about the reality of this secularised state. Neither do you tell people about Islam without twisting the verses. You have sold yourselves and your pencils. Do you not know that the ones who established this secular republic state are agents for the Jews and the English - the ones who abolished the Khilafah and the rule of Allah? If you do not know this then ponder over these facts.

Lausanne was not just a peace agreement but it was an agreement in the interest of the west, especially the English. Its primary concern was to destroy the ummah, Islam and to make a radical change to Islamic history, language, personality, and even dress. Lord Curzon's reply when criticized by the English parliament because of Turkey's independence was, "Turkey is finished, from now on Turkey will not be able to straighten its spine because we have destroyed Turkey's moral strength and political strength - Islam and the Khilafah."

The Jewish rabbi Hayim Nahum, the very man refused by Abdulhamid because he wanted Palestine, was amongst those who abolished Abdulhamid. His family are financial advisers of one of the largest economic institutions and protectors of Jewish rights in Turkey.

This Jewish rabbi Hayim Nahum said to Lord Curzon: Acknowledge Turkey's independence and I will promise you they will fall into a condition where they stamp on Islam and that which represents Islam (the Khilafah).

Hayim Nahum closely co-operated with Mustafa Kemal and a woman who was working for the British secret agency who later became very close to Ismet Inonu and their relationship became so intense that even the delegation that were at Lausanne became worried.

Reflect upon the following conversation between Ismet Inonu and Mustafa Kemal:

Mustafa Kemal: What is it that you are reading with such a interest Ismet? Is it concerning that order which the English king will honour me by?

Ismet Inonu: What is it with this order?

Mustafa Kemal: Have you not read the American and the rest of the world's newspapers. The English king will honour me with the highest order?

Ismet Inonu asks in a cold way: Okay and in what concern does he honour you by it?

Mustafa Kemal: You above all else Ismet should know that the English people love me much and this is proved by abolishing Lloyd George (an opponent of the Turkish independence).

And the English newspaper the Daily Telegraph wrote about Mustafa Kemal the 11. of November 1983: Mustafa Kemal's death was a great death to our country. He as the only dictator with his instinct was a true English ally.

It was this triangle which abolished the Khilafah - the English, the Jews and Mustafa Kemal who was both a Jew and an English agent. They made and worked on a clever plan, hiding their innermost motives to abolish the Khilafah and remove Islam to the last. These hypocrites got people to fight the war of independence under slogans such as: Come we shall save the Khilafah and the Quran whilst complimenting the Khaleefahs until they got the power. Then a handful of Jews, English and Mustafa Kemal betrayed them and the people and plunged Islam and the Khilafah's history into darkness. This is the true version of the abandonment of the Khilafah which is in contrast to the false version which I was taught officially.

Oh learned Islamic experts!

Some people said to Abdullah bin Omar: When we stand and talk in front of the rulers we behave different than when we are among each other. Abdullah bin Omar said: In the time of Prophet Muhammad (saws) we called this hypocrisy. (Bukhari)

One of El-Iz bin Abdusselam's students asked him, "When you rebuked the Khaleefah Ayubi where you then not afraid of him? Abdusselam answered him: "My son wallahi (by Allah), when I thought of Allah the almighty then the Khaleefah compared to a little cat."

The uncle of Ahmed ibn Hanbal, Ishak said that one day I visited Hanbal in prison and said to him: "As you can see your friends have answered and they are now free. It is only you who is left in prison." Ahmad answered: "Oh my uncle if the learned do not tell the truth, but speak only to escape prison, then the ignorant remains in ignorance and the truth is not made clear." How quickly you have forgotten the hadith where Habab tells: "Those before you were tortured so terribly that their flesh was separated from their bones, but still they hung onto the truth." Ishak said: "After Ibn Hanbal's reply we gave up."

So you who are learned in Islam!
Take such people as role models. Those such as Hanbal, Sayid Qutb and Taqiudeen An-Nabhani, who refused to live in this miserable condition of darkness and who died honorably working to change the state of affairs.

Oh noble Ummah!

Your vital cause is to abolish this secular state and re-establish the Khilafah to rule by what Allah has revealed and thereby ensure the sovereignty of Islam.

This solution comprehensive and is the solution to all your problems and other vital concerns. Come and take up this vital cause. Hear and obey Allah and His Messenger, Come and join that fight which the Messenger and Sahaba began, do not be ignorant and be of those who pick the temporary life which is filled with misery but instead be of the honoured and mighty who choose the eternal life of the Hereafter.

The prophet said concerning this cause: "Wallaahi (by Allah) even though you place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left I will never give up this cause, until it prevails or my head is separated from my neck."

Oh mighty Ummah!

Hasten to join the rows that are seeking jannah, the jannah that is prepared for those who fear Allah correctly and worship Him (swt) in the way He (swt) deserves. Allah (swt) says (the meaning being):

Oh you who have believe, answer the call of Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life. (Surah Enfal)

Samil Cevval

The above article was published in Khilafah Journal (