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Truth Must Be Said...

Atajew.com is an informational website and scholarly reference of the hidden realities about Modern (Secular) Turkey and its alleged founder and British agent dictator Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who was a Zionist Jew and notable Freemason.

Atajew.com is owned and maintained by a group of truth defenders of Turkish origin, in support of Turkish people's struggle to liberate their country from the Crypto-Jewish/Masonic/Zionist invasion.

The mission of Atajew.com is to reveal and spread the truth which those who live within the borders of Zionist Republic of Turkey, known as "Modern Turkey", have not been allowed to speak up ever since the secular regime's fraudulent foundation by the Crypto Jews and Freemasons with the help of the colonial British Empire and European Zionists after the First World War.

Atajew.com is NOT a hate site!

Let's get our facts straight.. Ever since the foundation of the Modern (Secular) Turkey, the Muslims have been undergoing a severe de-islamization campaign led by those who control their country and show themselves off as nationalists. The new generations are being brainwashed at the schools which are completely controlled by the secular regime and no one is even allowed the question nor challenge the "official" history of the 20th century. The people who live in Turkey do not have the right to know the reality about their own country because that right is taken away by the Crypto Jews who run their country. Exposing these Crypto Jews who pose as Turkish (or Kurdish) nationalists in order to carry out their crooked agenda can not be called antisemitism. We do not hate nor discriminate in any way anyone for being of Jewish ethnic origin or having a Jewish faith or any other faith; on the contrary, we respect everybody for their belief. On the other hand, everybody has the right to know the truth even if it upsets some people. It is reported by various sources that there are about 1,5 million Crypto Jews (known as Donmeh) living in Turkey but hiding their real Jewish background. This number is discovered by both Turkish and Jewish researchers. The whole purpose of Atajew.com is to present people what really is going on in Turkey and expose those who seek to distort the real histoy, confuse other people and cause corruption. We believe that the best way to expose these Crypto Jews is to simply refute their lies and drop the masks on their faces!

We would like to make it clear that we are completely against any sort of hatred, racism and discrimination just as we are against lies and liars. Atajew.com intends no harm to anyone, nor does it seek to offend. We are very well aware that the factual information presented on this website does hurt many people and offends them, but the truth needs to be spoken up! Is it any wonder why the crypto-Jews have blocked access to our website from Turkey?

We suppose, after reading the material on this website, you will have a better understanding of what has been going on in Turkey and how the main land of the recent time great Islamic Ottoman Empire turned into a country where Islam has been desecrated and Muslims have been persecuted.


Atajew.com Editor