Was Armenian Genocide A Dry-Run For The Jewish Holocaust?

by Jack Manuelian

Barry Chamish believes that the Armenian Genocide was a dry run for the Jewish Holocaust. Berry is a former Israeli military man turned to investigative reporter who is warning his fellow Jews about a coming Second Holocaust of the Jews in Israel proper. He published few books which are available from his web site.

Barry's research lead him to the fact that basically both the planners and instigators of the Armenian Genocide of WWI and the Jewish Holocaust of WWII were the same entities and that those same entities are planning another holocaust of the Jews during the coming WWIII. Barry wrote about the outcome of his research in those lines in two articles of his which are posted in "articles" section of his above mentioned web-site. The first article is "Kerry, Gaza and the New Sabbatean Holocaust," and the second "The Deutsch Devils."

Barry did his research from 4 books, written in English and Hebrew. The first is "Heroes, Antiheroes And The Holocaust" by David Morrison, a psychiatric doctor. Second, "Sabbatean Messianism As Proto-Secularism" by Avrum M. Ehrlich. Third, "50 Jewish Messiahs" by Jerry Rabow. And the four, "To Eliminate The Opiate" by Rabbi Marvin Antelman.

Barry, in his first article, says that "Morrison doesn't realize that he is reporting a Sabbatean massacre, yet he instinctively writes about the Young Turks." On page 48, Morrison writes: "The Young Turks who led the 1908 revolution were Turkish nationalists and established secular institutions, overthrowing the religious Moslem order. They viewed Armenians as a direct threat to their revolutionary plans. The evidence is overwhelming that the massacre of the Armenians was a deliberate, planned genocide. The Young Turks allied themselves with Germany and used World War I as a cover for their slaughter of Armenians... As did the Nazis in World War II, the Turks used their intended victims as slave laborers building a trans-Turkish railway for German business interests."

And Avrum Ehrlich, in his above mentioned book, writes: "The extent to which Jews were involved in the Young Turk revolution is debated, some arguing that Jews and Donme dominated the Committee of the Union and Progress Party (C.U.P) which gained control of the State. Others argue that this was anti-Semitic rhetoric and exaggerated and that while the Jews supported the revolution on a grass roots level, they were not highly represented in the upper echelons of the party. Indeed British diplomats did report to the home office that a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy was at work favoring the revolution. The Donme are believed to have been equally involved in the revolution but exact details are less known due to a number of reasons...It was via the Masonic lodges that the Donme, the Jews, Bektashi and secularists who were less accepted in mainstream society were able to meet on an equal footing, many of them becoming major instruments of the revolution...Whether the suspicions that Masonry is responsible for sedition and subversive activities are true or not, in this context they were a convenient home for the revolution, providing lodges and personnel, secrecy and structures for the revolution. The Donme thrived in the Masonic environment, allowing them to be both secretive and influential, maintaining their religious ideas in a non-dogmatic atmosphere. Bridging the gap between the Jews and the Muslims, they seemed to represent the happy medium of the secular Young Turk revolution. Even today Donme are involved in the Masonic Lodges of Turkey. Sahir Talat Akev of the Kapanci-Izmir group of Donme was the Grand Master of the Masons until his death in 1999.

"Dr Nazim, Nuzhet Faik, Mustafa Arif, Muslihiddin Adil, Sukru Bleda, Halide Edip Adivar and Ahmet Emin Yalman were all active in the Young Turks and of Donme families. Mehmet Kapanci (1839-1924) who was a mayor of Salonica and a well-known banker funded the C.U.P and was a Donme. Other Jews active in the Young Turks were Nissim Mazliah from Izmir and Vitali Faradji , Moise Cohen (later called Munis Tekinalp) who was an active Jew and once rabbinical student who turned to business and actively asserted a proud Turkish identity along with Zionist sentiments...It is curious that Israel’s first and second Prime Ministers, David Ben Gurion and Moshe Sharett and her second president Yitzchak Ben Zvi had lived and studied in Istanbul and embraced the concept 'lehitatmen', Hebrew for 'to become an Ottoman'. Ben Zvi is alleged by some to be descendant of a Sabbatean family. Sharett served in the Ottoman army in WW1. Ben Gurion gave up Russian citizenship for Ottoman citizenship, something many others in Palestine were afraid to do. Israeli Presidents Ben Zevi, Zalman Shazar and to a lesser degree Yitzchak Navon became students of Ottomanism.

"Mehmet Cavit Bey (1875-1926) was one of the most significant Donme political figures. He was active in the revolution as a highly articulate editor of a tabloid and professor of finance and was three times Finance Minister of Modern Turkey until his execution for his alleged role in the assassination attempt of Ataturk. It is believed that Cavit Bey was an ardent Zionist and saw the advantages for Turkey in the Jewish settlement of Palestine."

In the Wikipedia And Jewish Encyclopedias we read: "Donmeh is the Turkish word for 'apostate' and refers to the Jews of the Near East who followed Sabbatai Zevi into Islam in 1666 [S. Zevi took the name Aziz Mehmet], but secretly remained Jews who continued practicing Jewish rituals but worshiped Sabbatai as the Messiah and incarnation of God."

The Turkish author, Mevlan Z. Rifat, was referring to those Donmeh, when he wrote in his book "Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution" 1929.-- "The Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911 by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect. Including Tallat, Enver, Behaeddin Shakir, Jemal, and Nazim posturing as Muslims, it met in the Rothschild-funded Grant Orient loge in now Greek Salonika. No wonder the infrastructure was in place by August by August, 1914, in Erzurum for the Great Massacres, almost three months before Turkey entered the Great War. During World War I and ever since, Jews have held prominent positions in the Turkish government, including three presidents, Ataturk, Inonu, and Bayar." No known English translation exist of Rifat's book, however it was translated to Armenian in 1939. Rifat seems to be a pro-Sultan nationalist Turk.

I will agree with an author who said, "the Donmeh showed great public affection with Islam but amongst themselves entirely rejected and even despised Islam." There is no need to say that they also in secret hated and despised the Christians of the Ottoman Empire despite the fact that some Armenians were masons and were part of the Young Turks' Committee of the Union and Progress Party before the Genocide happened. The Donmeh believed that they were destined to take over the rulership of the Turkish Empire and modern Turkey that followed it according to a prophecy given by Nathan Ghazzati who was a close associate of the master of deceptions and of deceivers, Sabbatai Zevi himself. S. Zevi can not be considered a real Jew, he was a Kabbalist, Sufist, Gnostic, Mystic, Occultist; Anti-Talmudist (or Talmud Revisionist), all mixed together in a strange cocktail that resulted in UNIMAGINABLE blood spilling and suffering for humanity. Yes, in that sense, he was a true and real Anti-Chirst.

Barry Chamish, in his article "The Deutsch Devils" says that Rabbi Antelman's focus is "the false messiah Shabtai Zvi, and the continuation of his evil ministry through the Turkish sect called the Donmeh. In the eighteenth century, Jacob Frank brought the Donmeh ideology to Europe and joined a fateful alliance...." Antelman wrote the two volumes work "To Eliminate The Opiate."

Jacob Frank, the second successor to Sabbatai Zevi, considered himself to be another messiah. He claimed to be an incarnation of the the Jewish patriarch Jacob. He ordered his 13,000 followers to become Catholics and infiltrate the Catholic church. He referred to the Catholic as the "Esau," the brother of Biblical Jacob, and said it was time for a reconciliation between "Jacob" and "Esau." However, his real motives were to deceive and by deception establish A Jewish anti-christ kingdom in Palestine. After all, did not Jacob deceive Esau in the story of the Bible! And did not Sabbatai Zevi himself, told the Sultan and the Turks, when questioned by them for his reasons in keeping in close touch with the Jews after converting with some of his followers to Islam and adopting the name Aziz Mehmet, that his (Zevi's) aim was to convert the Jews to Islam, why telling those same Jews that his aim in becoming Muslim was in order to convert the Muslims to Judaism!

In the book "The Messianic Idea in Judaism" by the Jewish professor Gershon Scholem (1971 edition, page 126) the author writes about Jacob Frank: "In all his actions [he was] a truly corrupt and degenerate individual" and as "one of the most frightening phenomena in the whole of Jewish history."

Please do not call the author of this article an anti-Semite, he will be the first to come to the help of any Jew whose life is in peril. Also, he is not a hate-monger, his heart is full of love. He is not a liar, he will not lie deliberately or intentionally; he is an old man now whose father survived the Armenian Genocide 90 years ago and he is trying to find out what really happened, because justice on earth has not been done yet concerning the Armenian Genocide and the issue will never die. It can not be swept under the rug as the Turks and their allies are trying to do.

The author of this article is a student of prophecies. He has found out many years before Barry Chamish did that a Second Holocaust of the Jews is coming.