Who Was Dictator Mustafa Kemal And What Was His Mission?

Jewish Gay Dictator Mustafa Kemal was a Freemason and a British agent. In Turkey, once the children start school, they are forced to admire Jewish Mustafa Kemal in order to justify his anti-Islamic actions. Once the students graduate from the high school or university, they admire and respect Jewish Mustafa Kemal to such an extent that they do not even question his reforms (in fact, no one can ever dare to so, due to the state laws). This is how the oppressive kemalist/Jewish secular regime in Turkey is brainwashing the new generations. The main goal of this brainwashing campaign is to make the Muslim Turks turn away from Islam and forget their glorious History. During Jewish Dictator Mustafa Kemal's time, Islam in Turkey was banished to the people, many of the Islamic traditions were forbidden (such as learning Quran and going to Hajj), and whoever objected dictator Mustafa Kemal's policies, had been punished severely or executed.

The History books that are taught at schools in Turkey in order to brainwash the new generations, were fabricated by Jewish Mustafa Kemal and the newly established regime by Jews and Freemasons. These are the descendants of the Jews that sought refuge in Ottoman lands and given shelter by Sultan in 16th century after they were expelled from Spain. The oppressive secular republic that controls the Near East was founded by these Jews and Freemasons; and Turkey is still run by these Jews to day with extreme brutality.

After Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal and his followers took over the power in Turkey in 1923, they abolished Caliphate, outlawed islamic alphabet, turned Mosques into museums, banned women from wearing Hijab and islamic dress code, executed many Muslims under disguise of westernization and advancement. They oppressed the Muslims who clung to true Islamic teachings while they gave non-muslim minorities their full freedom; they encouraged (many times even forced) Muslims to imitate western people. They brainwashed the new generations by always lying on their face.

Is it not true that after Jewish dictator and British agent Mustafa Kemal, Turks are urged, by the oppressive secular regime, to forget their glorious islamic past, their original language; abandon the Islamic traditions and adopt western culture instead..? And is it not true that Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal's all reforms were only to root out Islam from Turkey? These reforms, in fact, were not carried out by Jewish dictator and British agent Mustafa Kemal himself alone; he was just a puppet in the hands of other Zionist Jews and the western powers. That makes perfectly sense if one thinks how the western powers and Jews praise him so much; becaue they want people in Turkey believe that "he was a great man", thus Turks will continue to be put in sleep, and Islam in the Near East will not rise again!

Jewish dictator Gay Mustafa Kemal did never have any war strategy. He and other secret Jews co-operated secretly with the western imperialists in order to take over the power in Turkey. Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal never led Turkish army in any war, he was drunkard. He was making politics in different parts of Anatolia in order to convince Turkish people to give support to him and his new government that they established in Angora with many tricks. Once he managed to earn the trust of Turkish Muslims, the western powers withdrew their occupation forces and Jewish dictator Mustafa Kemal became the new ruler of Turkey.

O People! Is it not true that the new western dress code, which was brought by the enemies of Islam after the establishment of the oppressive secular republic by Jews, is against the Human Rights - how can one be forced to wear a specific style? The so-called secular democratic republic is only written on paper and their constitution. There has never been true democracy in Turkey since 1923. In particular, Jewish Mustafa Kemal's time was an extreme dictatorship. Everything is controlled by the Army which is run by Jews. Turkey's former military chief general Yaşar Büyükanıt is also an ardent Zionist Jew who has relatives in Israel.

Jews and Freemasons, who co-operated with west and founded secular regime over Muslim blood, tried to scrape off the roots of Islam from Muslim Turkey; they made Muslim Turks turn their back to Muslim world, beg West and forget their Islamic past. After the establishment of the new secular regime by these Jews, Turkey, while even signing the Moudros armistice after WWI being one of the major and respected country in the world, today became a reserve state of Zionist Israel and a puppet of EU and USA.