The Doenmeh Crypto-Jews Threaten Coup to Defend Their Grip on Turkey

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes
Saturday, April 28, 2007

The "Young Turks" were in fact old Jews, who deliberately destroyed the Turkish Empire, and who sought to supplant Islam with secular logical positivism, in fulfillment of the Cabalistic books of the Jews, and in fulfillment of the Noahide Laws of the Jewish Talmud in the book of Sanhedrin folios 56-60. These crypto-Jewish Doenmeh subversives were originally centered in Salonika, but moved to Istanbul, Paris, Vienna, London, and elsewhere, spreading their Shabbataian-Russoian-Frankist Cabalistic revolution around the globe.

Long before the "cultural revolution" of Communist China, and starting before the Bolshevik Jews of Russia destroyed Christianity and Christians in the Slavic World, the Doenmeh, and especially Ataturk, tried very hard to stip Turkey of its religion and of its culture. It is vital to World Jewry to prevent the Moslems of Turkey from taking back their nation and their faith, and aligning themselves with their Moslem neighbors. The Doenmeh will fight hard to maintain a firm Jewish grip on Turkey and force Moslems to obey Europe and Israel, and betray their Islamic faith and their co-religionists in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, etc. Moslems have a religious duty to defend one another and this is key to their survival given the Jewish Zionist threat they face, but it is the Doenmeh crypto-Jews who control the Turkish Army, and who will attack the Kurds and spark an internecine fight among Moslems, then who will draw NATO into the conflict to annihilate Islam.