Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In Turkey, some people call themselves "secular" or "secularist" while some others may call themselves "kemalist". What is the difference between a secularist and a kemalist?

A: Both secularists and kemalists reject the role of Islam in state affairs and society. Secularists, like Kemalists, do not want to run in their daily lives into anything which reminds them of Islam. That is the reason for their severe objection against women's headscarf. A Kemalist follows Mustafa Kemal's ideology and all his principles blindly including secularism which is Mustafa Kemal's one of main principles. Kemalists never question Mustafa Kemal's actions, reforms nor character; for them he is like a god, hence they worship his idols! A secularist, on the other hand, might not necessarily like Mustafa Kemal due to his personal character or him being a dictator. In other words, every Kemalist is a secularist, however every secularist is not necessarily a Kemalist.

Q: Even if Mustafa Kemal executed many Muslims and all his reforms were targeted to strip of Islam from Turkey, how come there many muslims in Turkey who revere him?

A: Unfortunately, many people in Turkey do not know the truth about Mustafa Kemal and the First World War era. The new generations have been brainwashed by the Jewish/Masonic run secular establishment either through education at school or through the media. All the educational institutions in Turkey are controlled by the secular establishment and the mainstream media is mostly owned and controlled by crypto Jews. When people went to school or turned on their TV's or opened up publications, they have always run into a Mustafa Kemal who was presented as a national hero and liberator.

Q: Why can people of Turkey not find out the truth about Mustafa Kemal and their hijacked government? How did the secular regime's lies survive to-day?

A: There are many truth defenders in Turkey but they have been silenced by the regime in various methods. There are laws still in effect in Turkey, which are used by secularists and kemalists, against those whistleblowers who dare to speak up and want to wake people up. Many historians, activists, thinkers, researchers and academics want to speak up but they are intimidated, because if they do, they know they will be prosecuted by the secular regime. The secularist media, the secularists and kemalists harass the whistleblowers and treat them like traitors! be continued!