What is Kemalism

Mustafa Kemal Atajew - one of the worst enemies of Islam of the 20th century. Perhaps an agent of the devil?  Only Allah(swt) knows.

Dictator Mustafa Kemal grew up during the last parts of the Ottoman Empire. By then, the Empire had become corrupt and lost many of its Islamic ways. Mustafa Kemal, was to go on to complete the destruction of the caliphate which was already in decline. Mustafa Kemal Atajew is regarded by all scholars as a kafir (non-muslim), and it is probable that he would have been proud of this.

He was an agent of the Shaytan (Devil) who took the caliphate, destroyed it and resurrected the times of Jahiliyya (ignorance- as existed before Islam). He created a new state (political regime) that was godless, secular and westernised. Mustafa Kemal Atajew ended the caliphate in 1924 with the help of the British and the Zionists. He then banned the Islamic dress code, Arabic script, Islamic titles, Islamic family law, the Islamic calender and many other Islamic laws. He executed any Islamic scholars and opponents who disagreed with him. This was all done for the cause of the so-called "modernisation". Dictator Mustafa Kemal claimed that in his new Secular/Republican Turkey all people would be treated equally regardless of their religion. However, he treated all proper muslims as lesser beings, and this has led to it being suggested that perhaps he was a secret Jew or Christian. What is clear is that anyone who follows his ideology of 'Kemalism' can not call themselves muslim. Still in today's Turkey, the followers of Mustafa Kemal Atajew are the most ardent opponents against the renaissance of Islam in the country and unity of the world muslims.