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Did You Know..

..that Modern Turkey was among one of the first countries worldwide to recognize the State of Israel in March 1949, less than a year after its declaration of independence, and has been Israel’s one of the closest allies since its creation?

..that dictator Mustafa Kemal made a funny law called "Hat Law" which required the citizens of Turkey to wear English hats in public, and over 200,000 Muslims were brutally executed on gallows because they refused to do so or preached against it; and that the same law is still part of Modern(?) Turkey's Constitution (Article 174)?

..that it is still a crime to criticize dictator Mustafa Kemal in Turkey and there are laws in Turkey currently in effect which criminalize those who speak up against Mustafa Kemal's ideology or reforms?



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"The overthrow of the Sultan resulted in the establishment of new more secular nationalist government, under Mustafa Kemal. Of course, Mustafa Kemal himself was born in Salonica and was from a Donme(h) family of Jews. His embracing of Freemasonry occurred in 1909 and even the wikipedia acknowledges under its 'list of Freemasons' that Mustafa Kemal was a member of the Rissorta Lodge (Number 80) of Salonica."

Muhammad Rafeeq

Wikipedia - List of Freemasons

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Truth About Crypto Jew Mustafa Kemal Ataturk(!) And Crypto Jews Who Run Turkey

Mustafa Kemal (known as Ataturk) who toppled the Ottoman Empire and grabbed power with the help of the Imperialists and Zionists, was born in Greece. Those Greeks who know the history of their country and the history of Turkey will not hesitate to confirm that Mustafa Kemal was not just a gay, but he was also ethnically a Jew. He was from the Jewish (Doenmeh) family in the city of Salonica (also known as Thessaloniki) in Greece. This was a heavily populated Jewish city until the end of WWII. Mustafa Kemal attended an orthodox Jewish school which was run by a Doenmeh religious leader named Simon Zvi.

The Hebrew journalist, Itamar Ben-Avi, in his autobiography, proves that the "Father" of secularist Turkey, Gen. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s father was a Doenmeh and that Mustafa Kemal was never ashamed of his Jewish background. More on this a little later.

The secret Jewish sect called Doenmeh (or the crypto Jews) consists of the descendants of those Jews who were expelled from Spain in the 16th century and given shelter in Turkey by the Ottoman Sultans. Many of these Jews followed the 17th century false Jewish messiah "Sabbatai Zwi" and became "Sabbatean Jews", in other words "Doenmeh". One of the rituals the Doenmehs observed was outwardly pretending to be Muslims but inwardly believing in the Jewish faith and following Sabbatai Zwi as their messiah.

Mustafa Kemal's goal was to make Turkey secular under the mask of "Turkish nationalism." This hardline despot was a long serving British / Zionist agent. He received extensive training from them to infiltrate into the Ottoman Empire. There were many 'secret Jews' called Doenmehs, who had hidden their Jewish background and posed as Turkish patriots in order to mislead the Turkish people and snatch power from the Muslims. The Doenmehs took over the Ottoman Empire, disintegrated it, and then established a new regime called "Turkish Republic." The leader of the new regime, Mustafa Kemal, was an ardent Doenmeh (or secret Jew). In order to conceal his Doenmeh identity, he adopted the last name of "Ataturk", which means "Father of Turks". This story is never taught in Turkish schools, and never allowed to be mentioned to the media. Not even a single word! Because of the enormous cover-ups, Mustafa Kemal's official biographies are shrouded in secrecy with plenty of inconsistent information. No one knows what his real name was, but it surely wasn't "Mustafa Kemal."

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, these Crypto-Jews (Mustafa Kemal their leader) controlled Turkey for a long time. Only since the last 10 years or so, the influence of the Doenmehs has been diminishing after the rise of the Mr. Erdogan's Islamist AK Party. But their power has not yet been fully abolished. The Turkish army in particular, which is the strongest institution in the country, still consists of the descendents of many Doenmehs of the past. Mustafa Kemal recruited plenty of Doenmeh Crypto-Jews in the military. Almost all military generals of Turkey since the illegitimate establishment of secular regime were crypto Jews and they still control Turkey through the country's Army. They and their small group of supporters have carried out four unsuccessful coup attempts against PM Erdogan's Islamist government since it came to power in 2003.

Mustafa Kemal tried very hard to strip Turkey of its religion and culture by steering the country closer to the West and away from the Muslim block. It is vital to World Jewry to prevent the Muslims of Turkey from taking back their nation and their faith, and aligning themselves with their Muslim neighbors. The Crypto-Jews will fight hard to maintain a firm Jewish grip on Turkey and force Muslims to obey USA, Israel and Europe, and betray their Islamic faith and their co-religionists in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, etc.

One of the plots of Mustafa Kemal was to abandon the Turkish language. For this purpose he introduced the new Turkic language with English alphabets as the country's official language, and the illegalization of the old Turkish language with the Arabic/Aramaic script.

But fortunately, the veil under which Kemal Ataturk was hiding has now to a large extent been removed in almost all spheres except the powerful Turkish military. Turkish Muslims loved their faith and were denied freedom for a long time. Throughout their school and college days, they were taught to love and glorify this hateful and ruthless dictator who took over their country with the help of the colonial powers to un-Islamize the society. But the Turks have now realized the imperialistic game and Mustafa Kemal's role in it as the agent of the imperialists with 'important assignments' in Turkey. By far the majority of Turkish people detest this man in silence. Only the Turkish military still remains secular, a legacy of its Jewish leader, Mustafa Kemal.

A very informative book titled "The Secret Jews" authored by Dr. Joachim Prinz and published by Random House in 1973 mentions in its page no.122:
"..The revolt of the Young Turks in 1908 against the regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid began among the intellectuals of Salonika. It was from there that the demand for a constitutional regime originated. Among the leaders of the revolution which resulted in a more modern government in Turkey were Djavid Bey and Mustafa Kemal. Both were ardent ‘doenmehs’ [Jew]. Djavid Bey became minister of finance; Mustafa Kemal became the leader of the new regime and he adopted the name of Ataturk. His opponents tried to use his ‘doenmeh’ background to unseat him, but without success. Too many of the young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary cabinet prayed to Allah but had as their prophet Shabtai Zvi, the Messiah of Smyrna."
There is an interesting piece of evidence from the autobiography of the Hebrew journalist, Itamar Ben-Avi, published in the New York Sun by Hillel Halkin in his article "Ataturk's Turkey Overturned." Ben-Avi "described in his book a chance meeting on a rainy night in the late winter of 1911 in the bar of a Jerusalem hotel with a young Turkish captain. Tipsy from too much arak, the captain confided to Ben-Avi that he was Jewish and recited the opening Hebrew words of the Shema Yisra'el or "Hear O Israel" prayer, which almost any Jew or Doenmeh — but no Turkish Muslim — would have known. Ten years later, Ben-Avi wrote, he opened a newspaper, saw a headline about a military coup in Turkey, and in a photograph recognized the leader that the young officer he had met the other night." This article is an eye-opener. Don't miss it.

Anatolia was the former name for Turkey. The same article in New York Sun further states:
'The following statement is from dictator Mustafa Kemal: "If the British are going to assume the responsibility for Anatolia, they will need the co-operation of experienced Turkish governors to work under them. What I want to know is the proper quarter to which I can offer my services in that capacity." (Source: Ataturk, The Rebirth of a Nation.)'
Presently about 1.5 million Doenmeh Crypto Jews reside in Turkey, mainly in the country's western cities like Istanbul and Izmir. Many Doenmehs immigrated to Israel after its establishment in 1948, prior to which the Doenmeh population of Turkey was a lot more. Thus, the so-called "Secular Republic of Turkey" was one of the first states in the world to recognize Zionist Israel. Because of the power and influence of the Turkish Army, large chunks of taxes paid by the hardworking Muslims of Turkey are swindled and sent to the Jewish state to supplement the needs of Zionist Israel.



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"Long before the 'cultural revolution' of Communist China, and starting before the Bolshevik Jews of Russia destroyed Christianity and Christians in the Slavic World, the Donmeh (the Secret Jews of Turkey), and especially Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk), tried very hard to strip Turkey of its religion and of its culture. It is vital to World Jewry to prevent the Muslims of Turkey from taking back their nation and their faith, and aligning themselves with their Muslim neighbors."

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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“Sabbateanism is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. The Sabbatean "believers" felt that they were champions of a new world [order] which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions.”

Gershom Scholem

Prominent Crypto-Jews of Turkey (The Donmeh)

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